Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Solar activity

It is almost 2011 and I begin to think that there will be no real spectacular sun activity as promised for 2011-2012. The solar flux today is 78. No sunspots. Now I begin to think if it's worthwhile to put up a 6 meter antenna. The next peak is in 2022-2023. Then I am 73, hoping to be still around, but... you'll never know for sure. I think that I will give my attention to the lower bands in a few years from now. It sounds a bit gloomy so before Christmas. So I cheer up. I make the best of it. Enjoy the holiday season.


  1. Hi Paul, funny you should mention the solar minimum. The other day I was looking at the solar trends and wondering if in my golden years will it be fun in the sun or a solar bottom.

  2. Anonymous12/22/2010

    The prospects for even a half-way decent cycle are fading. Your six-meter antenna may be a good idea. I will have to get something operational for the 40-meter band eventually. 73 Dick N2UGB


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