Sunday, December 12, 2010

QRO not needed

Some people don't understand that for digital modes is QRO not needed. Just with a small bandwidth like JT65 is QRO (90 watts) like DK6CS not necessary. He was 59+40 db strong here. A maximum of 30 watts is OK. But the QRO stations are spoiling the party for the qrp and low power stations. There is enough space for the big guns on HF. Why with JT65 so much power? I have V4 running, but now I have to find out how it works. Nothing heard so far. I think we need for this mode a dial frequency for the amateur bands. I believe we must use FEC. But what is the right procedure for making a QSO or calling CQ?


  1. Hallo Paul, dat vroeg ik me ook af. Dacht het te vinden in de documentatie, maar helaas. Misschien is het de bedoeling wat af te spreken via de V4 yahoo site? Ik zie het wel, heb het nog niet geïnstalleerd. 73, Bas

  2. Overly enthusiastic QRO operators will continue to use every watt their equipment can deliver, whether needed or not. Apparently in their digital mode operations too. I understand that PSK is useful for many operators restricted to low power and "invisible" antennas. Too bad.

    73 Dick

  3. Good evening Bas, I agree that low power with digi modes is just fine. I had the FT-857 set at 5 watts with the miracle whip. All this was set up in my bedroom on the night table. With PSK I was able to contact Europe many times.

  4. The V4 Protocol chat client is a very simple keyboard client to test the protocol. Yes you can set it for FEC, and then you just type. Pressing enter causes the modem to TX. There seems to be no specific procedure, just follow the format one would use for RTTY I suppose. At this stage in the development it might be best to schedule a chat, unless you are lucky to find a station. I have noticed that some have used Hamspots to post spots and skeds
    I can listen out for you on 3582 after 22:00 UTC, but might mean having to dodge ROS :-) so one might have to move around a bit. I agree, a frequency allocation would be good.

    If you are interested in a schedule, my details are on

    73 André

  5. Hallo Bas, inderdaad, ik heb ook veel doorgelezen, maar nu zie ik van André hier een bericht hoe het moet. Toch simpeler dan ik had gedacht. ;-) vanavond op 80 meter even uitproberen. 73 Paul

    Hi Dick, I have never used my 100 watts. And I don't think I ever will. 35 watts is the real maximum here. On QRP frequencies I always use 5 watt. 73 Paul

    Hi Mike, and much more fun to accomplish a QSO. 73 Paul

    Hi André, OK, thanks for explanation. It sounds simple. So I will listen out tonight on 80 meter on 3582 after 22.00 UTC. 73 Paul

  6. Good Morning Paul - I have spoken of this before regarding QRO on some of these "Digimodes", I have concluded that 15w is the absolute Max for both Psk or Jt65 to establish good reliable contacts (Worldwide)! even on a poor antenna, 5w Psk IS ok for near EU contacts but I find it a bit frustrating and never call CQ because some just do not answer, I always wait and tail end a Qso (Patience is something many might gain from) instead of bombing everyone out... it's the same on cw although the number of cw cq's answered IS a lot higher - I beleive also that some folks do not pay attention to the fact they overdrive their TX, this "It'll be alright attitude" is not good enough - I have seen some stations coming on and knock out 3-4 qso's because their transmissions are just too wide, or they TX right on top of a Qso - I just wish they would chill a bit and listen first.

    Best Rgds Peter

  7. Hi Peter, yes, you are right. 15 watts will do. Sometimes when condx are bad I will go up to 35 watts max. I made a qso with 5 watt JT65 to the Philippines. But it will be difficult when QRO guys take over the place. ;-) 73 Paul


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