Thursday, December 2, 2010

Corsica | South Africa

This morning I worked a new DXCC TK5JJ Jean Jacques from Corsica. I was looking for 2,5 years to work Corsica. With JT65 on 20 meter I was lucky this morning. I also worked R7BN. On 80 meter I worked SA3AZK with BPSK63.

It is still snowing this morning. The temperature at 9.00 AM UTC was minus 7 degrees centigrade.

Suddenly is there a short opening on 15 meter. 17 meter was almost dead. I tried to call (CW) a station from the Bahama's but he couldn't complete my call sign, to much of a hurry, to much qsb, so I gave up. This afternoon I worked for the first time South Africa, ZS2CR Colette from Port Elisabeth with BPSK31 on 15 meter.


  1. Hi Paul:
    Took my xyl to the station this morning and it was snowing with up to 18cm of snow and the temperature was -6c at 5:00am - now its about midday and it's -3c - the trains here are disrupted so she returned home - even my shack is currently 14c and our heat is on Brrr ! nice winter - Happy Days - now to go and clear some snow 73

  2. Zero C here this morning. We consider ourselves lucky as Brittany is burried in snow but none here. Even Corsica can be rough in winter, especially in the mountains. 73 Dick

  3. He Paul,
    Ik heb nog wat gevonden over jouw draad antenne

    73 Wally

  4. Hi Peter, I think the situation in England is more worse than here. I cleaned up the parking lot and the path to the house. Tomorrow more snow expected. 73 Paul

  5. Hi Dick, England and Germany have much more snow. Till now we are lucky. But tomorrow more snow expected. 73 Paul

  6. Hallo Wally, ik ben zeer tevreden over de end fed. Ik heb toch diverse dx kunnen werken, dus hij doet 't goed. Nu hebben ze een 3 bander ontwikkeld voor 40, 20 en 10 meter. Totaal 12 meter lang met een verlengspoel. Lijkt me ook wel wat. Maar de huidige dipool doet het ook prima met een auto-tuner. 73 Paul


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