Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I was monitoring the bands this morning. On 20 meter there was a contest going on in CW. I can't find info about it. Very strange to hear a contest on a Wednesday. I did hear on 17 meter: RA3ID and ISØGQX. On 10 meter there was a sporadic E propagation: I heard 4Z5RT with CW. I can't work CW on 10 because of a bad SWR. On 14060 KHz I heard F5ZN, EA3AVQ and IK5SRB. I saw that Bas PE4BAS was active with WSPR on 10 meter.

With a 0,5 watt I made a qso with IZ7DMT (JT65) on 20 meter.

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  1. Hello Paul, Yep, I'm monitoring the 10m airwaves to find out the best times to take part in the ARRL 10m contest. It will be my last contest this year. I'm surprised already by the results. More on that later on my blog, wil update in the evening. First I have to do something at the job ;-) 73, Bas


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