Monday, November 22, 2010

Quiet Day

The higher bands were disappointing. I tried 15 and 17 meter with WSPR, but nothing. I am happy that I can work on 40 and 80 meter. Now there is always something to work on the lower bands at night. I worked on 80 meter DF7IS/QRP with BPSK31 on 80 meter. Also IW5ELL and DL2IAD. Enough for today.


  1. I find the same thing to be true here in the US. Really....there's nothing like 40 meters to me.

    I've been making a few 2,000 mile contacts on 20 meters but they are so weak, it's difficult to do much more than exchange calls and QTH. Not too exciting.

    A nice half hour chat is really nice on the lower bands.

  2. Hi John, 40 meter is one of my favorite bands. And I began to like 80 meters more and more. Especially in the winter season. 73 Paul


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