Wednesday, November 17, 2010


My ISP has increased the download speed. And the upload speed. Acquisition of files is very easy now. With 5 minutes I get a DVD movie inside.

On 80 meter I worked MU/F5CWU with CW. (See photo taken from With BPSK31 I worked YL2KF on 80 meter.
Late afternoon on 80 meter: DF2KD, DL1VVQ and DF9JL with BPSK31.


  1. Het is oneerlijk verdeeld in deze wereld.
    Waarom heeft hij maar liefst 2 Bird wattmeters??

  2. Hallo Wally, die verdeling is op meerdere fronten oneerlijk verdeeld. ;-) 73 Paul

  3. I am slighly green with envy over the speed of your Internet. I get 1.8 Mb/s at best and it can drop to .8 at evenings and weekends when everyone is on line. On 31st December fibreoptic lines will become available, but that means changing IP(again). If I go for it they say we will get 25 Mb/s which is still well down on what you have, but at least it won't take 12 hours to download a movie anymore.

    73 Steve


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