Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Debris reflexion layer

There is so much debris and other material around our globe, that it must be possible to reflect radio transmissions. We don't need the sun in the near future. What do you think?

I made a qso with UA4PAR on 20 meter with CW. With JT65 I worked RN3REM. The same time I was reported by VK6BL.


  1. I think if the debris was dense enough to bounce radio signals off we would not be able to see the stars. You would also get massive doppler shift due to the speed orbiting material travels. The only way I can receive the GB3VHF beacon here is by reflection off aircraft, but from the infrequency of the phenomenon it is clear that the aircraft has to be in exactly the right position, and the angular size of the aircraft from earth is much larger than any space object.

  2. Ik ben het met Julian eens. Anders zouden de EME amateurs er veel meer last van hebben. Toch was het wel een leuke gedachte...73, Bas

  3. Hello Julian and Bas, I thought it was a lucid idea of me... but I think you are right. 73 Paul


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