Saturday, November 27, 2010

CQ WW DX Contest

I do not have time for a complete contest. Tomorrow I have a family meeting. So this afternoon I join the CQ WW DX Contest, to give points away. I was running low power 45 watts on 15 and 20 meter. I made 64 CW QSO's. We don't have to worry about CW, there is plenty of them using it. I worked also a new DXCC country C5A - DX Expedition Gambia 2010 of OM0C Contest Team. I worked a lot from Russia And Asiatic Russia, also stations from the USA and Canada. Other nice countries: Turkey, Georgia, Albania, Madeira Island and Cyprus. It was a good rehearsal to pick up so much CW stations with 32-35 wpm. It is enough for today. Have a nice weekend.


  1. Hello Paul...amazing contacts for such a short time. I just can't copy accurately at those speeds
    (can't send that fast also). I'm amazed at those who can. Great job and well done.

  2. Hi John, I listen first to all necessary data of the qso before me, and then I call. Can't go wrong this way. 73 Paul

  3. I listened in on 20 meters. CW from 14.001 to 14.100 AND beyond. Big contest weekend. GL on any further contesting. 73 Dick

  4. Well have fun Paul and for sure during these big contests that's the time to get some rare contacts. They are all out there this weekend.

  5. Hello Paul...I think (just for fun) I'll set up my memory keyer in the rig sometime and do a few of these.

    I'm using a straight key just about 90% of the time now. I really like the feel and sound of them and rarely send fast CW. I can understand "contests" and see the need to be VERY quick to get those big scores....

    You do very well with your station there.

    Happy Holidays.


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