Sunday, October 24, 2010

Values in Ham Radio

I read a interesting posting on Larry's blog about manners in ham radio. New words for me too. Now I know about the Wouff Hong and the Rettysnitch. Have a nice Sunday. (Rain and wind here...)


  1. Almost blue sky and sun in the small city Tiel (JO21RV).

    Enjoy your Sunday.


  2. There are so many unpleasant people in the world. I often think of finding a cave in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State, letting what is left of my hair grow out, then never seeing another human being for the rest of my senior-citizen life.

    Ham radio only reflects the rest of the species' nastiness.

    On these happy observations, have a pleasant Sunday, Paul.

    73 Dick

  3. Hallo Tjeerd, we zijn naar vrienden geweest in Boxtel en daar was het weer redelijk. We hebben het aardig droog gehouden. 73 Paul

  4. Hello Dick, I know that feeling. When I watch television, and zap around 50 channels, I think I am on the wrong planet. ;-) 73 Paul


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