Friday, October 1, 2010


This morning I was listen, sorry, looking at SSTV on 14230 KHz. Unfortunately, not really TV, but pictures with text. Though funny to see. I tried to make a qso but not yet succeeded. I put up the Miracle Whip from the dust to set up for indoor WSPR on the lower bands. QRP with 500 milliwatt on 80 and 160 meter. On 80 meter I was reported by OY1OF. Distance 1250 km. Can I say 2500 km /watt? 0,5 watt with a indoor antenna in the living room. Have a nice day, and a good weekend. (Pretty busy this weekend, hardly time for playing with the radio) At 12.43 UTC I worked OH3HTR with CW on 14060 KHz. Later this afternoon: UR3UP, EA5AHN and IØFSP (with HB1A 4 watt) with CW on 14060 KHz. Also RD9CX Sergei from Ekaterinburg, Russia (3527 km) both 5 watt CW.

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