Friday, October 15, 2010


This picture (click on picture to enlarge) was taken from the site of PA1B a very nice site about QRPp. What makes you think you can't be heard with QRP? The difference between 500 milliwatt and 100 watt is only 4 S-points. When someone with 100 watt is S9 or S9+ you must be able to work him with QRP. Avoid huge pile ups, because that will be hard. I do not say it's impossible. It's a little bit harder to come through. I am not only QRV on the QRP frequencies. I just wander around on the entire CW band. Even I am not always mention that I am working QRP. If they hear me is OK for me. When the opposite station is very weak, then it would be difficult to be heard. But also not IMPOSSIBLE! Sometimes they hear me with 5 watt, even when that station is weak and almost in the noise. Just try, you never know.

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  1. Not so true these days when those of us in built up areas have S7 to S9 of noise. That is why I go on to mountain tops and holiday in remote places so I can hear stations that would be lost to me otherwise. At least when I hear the QRP station I know the station will hear me if I am running 5 watts or 100 watts. There is a better sense of achievement from low power contacts. It is always a buzz to do SOTA with 5w and get a QRO station tell you that you too are 59, but I usually run 25w when portable and that is enough to make certain of contacts.

  2. Hello Steve, I should wrote: only under ideal conditions. Indeed noise and qrm/qrn is a complicating factor nowadays. What you is absolute true. 73 Paul

  3. Hi Paul, Yes we do sometimes forget the power that QRP has. I find QRP challenges me as an operator

  4. Hi Paul:
    Way back during "Good" cond'x I called on 10m and with 5w cw worked a string of "W's" In fact I was using an old converted CB rig I was so pleased - also, again on 10m with a quiet band I called cq and worked JA 5w YES !! IT IS POSSIBLE, and what a BUZZ.

    73 Peter

  5. Hi Peter, I had in February a string of W's on 15 meter with 5 CW. Really fun sometimes. I saw your Call on screen JT65A, you were in QSO with another UK station. 73 Paul

  6. Hi Mike, sometimes I dropped the power output with WSPR and see almost no difference in reception reports. How about that. 73 Paul


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