Monday, October 11, 2010

JT65 on 20 meter

For 7 minutes I was calling CQ with JT65A on 20 meter, I made one qso with EA3FHP and I was reported for instance by YV4GJN, VK3JWC (16.372 km) and W2GHD. I was running 5 watts.

On 2 meter tonight I received the voice repeater GB3CF from Leicester with good signals. Very strong signals from the UK on the simplex channels. I heard MØMST/P with 59+ and M3CNG Gareth also 59+ and we made a QSO. I was 57 to 59 with my 5 watt and quarter wave vertical. This is the first time ever I made a simplex QSO to the UK. On 145.600 (repeater GB3WR from Somerset UK) I worked GWØPLJ Ian from Cardiff, Wales.


  1. O, dat is mooi Paul. Ik hoor hier niets bijzonders op 2M.
    Was het met FM of SSB?

    73, Tjeerd

  2. Hallo Tjeerd, gisteren heb ik met CW gewerkt, vandaag met FM. Ja, leuke condities, vreemd dat jij niets hoort. Alhoewel de beste condities zijn richting Engeland. Vanmorgen Duitsland gewerkt en België met FM. 73 Paul


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