Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Is the TS 590S a K3 killer?

I did hear that the TS 590S has a great receiver. The most important part of a transceiver. The price in the Netherlands: between 1700 and 1800 euro. My budget doesn't allow a purchase, so I watch videos and read reviews. I hope that it is possible to lower the power output of the TS 590S.


  1. Good morning Paul, as you know I am a K3 fan and as for the Kenwood rep calling it a "K3 killer" I say to that "dreams are free"

  2. Hello Mike, hi hi, time will tell. 73 Paul

  3. This is no more a K3 killer than any other radio in that price range. Down conversion is only used on the lower ham bands, not on short wave or anywhere else in between and not on 10m or 6m. So even if the Rx performance is comparable to the K3 on the lower bands (which has yet to be proven) it will be inferior everywhere else. The Kenwood also lacks the ability to install many of the features available in the K3 as an option, like second receiver, transverter interface and integral 2m option. Plus the 100W PA is mandatory, unlike the K3 which has a 10W version.

    It's pure marketing hype which hopefully will be free advertising for Elecraft once people realize what's really on offer.

  4. Wally LZ2CJ11/08/2010

    What I can say is that definetly TS590S will be a killer of K3 from business point of view - Kenwood will sell tons of this rig.
    As for performance - LZ2CF who lives 2 km away was 599+60db last night on 40m. I moved 2 Khz from his freq and he was completely GONE - believe it or not ! DSP filtering at 400HZ.
    So, dynamic range of TS590S is imo superb! It perfomed decently in CQWW SSB for me,too and this in M/M environment. On SSB a 59+30db sig is gone, if I move 3.5 Khz away. DSP setting at LO800 and HI 2200. RX equalizer does very well, too.
    Finally one gets what he/she has paid for. Excellent rig for the money for sure !

  5. Hello Wally, thanks for replying on the post. What you wrote is very amazing. I believe it's a fine transceiver made by Kenwood. 73 Paul

  6. I believe the TS-590 nicely fills the gap between the "typical" (for the last 20-25 years or so) Up-Conversion transceiver and a top-of-the-line 100% Down-Conversion design like the K3. With the bands getting more crowded and the solar cycle getting up to speed, even casual operators can take advantage of better BDR while at the same time not needing the extreme performances of a K3.
    As I have seen mentioned elsewhere, though, it will be interesting to see how Down-Conversion designs do on the long run in term of Image Rejection.

  7. Anonymous4/24/2012

    There is a ton of hype around this rig. In truth, it's as good as a 20 year old ft-1000. But hey, it's got a USB port so that's cool. I'm very disapointed with mine.


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