Sunday, October 10, 2010

England on 2 meter

For the first time I worked England on 2 meter with CW. It was a pleasure that GØFVV Dave (see photo from from Mansfield (402 km) came back for me. I worked only with my quarter wave vertical and 5 watt. I got a 549 report. He was 599 here.

Nice distance for a small antenna and QRP. With SSB I heard M1PAC, G3YDY, GØNED and G4ERO. With CW: MØKIS, GØTPH and G7RAU. I heard the PI7CIS and GB3VHF beacons. It was something else to work on 2 meter instead of HF.


  1. Hi Paul ,yes there was a definate lift on, I think I was too late though as didn't go on until around 2130 local time.

    Great contacts, I'm very envious !

    73 Paul.

  2. I had a telephone call in work about 20:00 local from my wife Helen GW7AAU. She had just worked a German station on two metres FM as had my son Adam 2W0DPI. Helen was running 25w in to our three times 5/8 collinear but Adam was only running 10w to a 5/8 wave in the loft. Helen wanted to know how to change the polarization on the ten element cross yagi. She called me later with her brag list of all the EU stations she worked on 2m SSB. Some of those she worked were in the Netherlands.

    I should be sick as a parrot stuck here in work while there is fun on the radio, but I had a good morning chasing SOTA and some DX on 17m where I worked Cuba and Lebanon for the first time on that band using a stealth dipole (see my blog).

    I hope 2m is still open in the morning. I will try calling CQ when I get in about 7AM. It has happened in the past. In a similar situation I missed the lift in the evening but came in at 7am and worked 10 countries on 2 SSB in ten minutes, then went to bed with a huge smile on my face.

  3. Hallo Paul, geweldig. Doet me denken aan de tijd dat ik alleen op 2m en 70cm mocht uitkomen met mijn N-call PD1AKZ, ook veel Engeland, Denemarken, Zweden en Noorwegen gewerkt op SSB en repeater (PI3GRN). Helaas gisteren geen tijd ervoor gehad, geeft niet komt wel weer. 73, Bas


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