Monday, October 11, 2010

England again

Still there are conditions on 2 meter. I worked this morning G7RAU Dave from the Isle of Wight with 5 watt CW. The only mode with more chance for a qso on 2 meter with qrp and a small vertical. All voice repeater channels are busy with repeaters from the Netherlands, Belgium and England. No chance for a qso because when I hear a far away repeater, the moment I push the mike button I activate a nearby repeater. But it is nice to listen to a crowded 2 meter. When the conditions are over the band will be silent again. You can check for tropospheric conditions here. Then I realized that I could turn off the sub audio tone.

Now I worked via DBØOBK in Osnabruck, Germany DO6NP Nils. Distance 228 km. First time I worked Germany on 2 meter. Via repeater ONØLB I worked PE1B/P Ruud from Maastricht (206 km).


  1. Nothing heard here this morning. :( It takes amazing propagation to get a VHF signal over the mountains to this QTH. When I was first licensed I lived near Southend on sea and it was easy to work across to Holland, even on a hand held. I miss those days. VHF has a magic appeal to me that HF hasn't got.

  2. Hello Julian, Mountains could give troubles. I realized this when was this summer in the Black Forest in Germany. Yes indeed, VHF and UHF (+ 6 meter) has something magic. I wish there was more activity and condx on those bands. 73 Paul


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