Sunday, September 5, 2010

WSPR weekend

While doing other things, I let the rig running with WSPR on 30 meter with 5 watt this morning. My signal is heard all over Europe, and best results are: W3HH Florida, USA, YV4GJN Venezuela (7944 KM) K1JT New Jersey USA and W1XP Massachusetts USA. I used my inverted V dipole antenna.

Julian G4ILO wrote about interference on 20 meter. [link] Now I have interferences on 20 meter what just looks like interference on 30 meter (screen shot from 14.076 KHz JT65A freq.) Not all the time, but so now and then. I don't know what the source is. Some say it is from flat screen TV's, but I don't have the problem at night, but just at day time. Pretty annoying.


  1. Good morning Paul, Have done very little reading on WSPRnet and the MEPT_JT digi mode. Seems like a very good way to find out how your signal gets out and with QRP power to boot. This evening going to sit down and do some reading on it. Most likely look into setting up and getting on the WSPRnet from my QTH.

  2. Hello Mike, it's a good method indeed for propagation study. WSPR can pick up signals who are inaudible out of the noise, -30 db. 73 Paul

  3. Hallo Paul, kan niet voorstellen dat dit storing is van OHR. Het moet iets bij jou in huis of in de buurt zijn dat alleen overdag gebruikt word? Maar wat? Wel lastig, gelukkig hebben we meer banden tot onze beschikking. 73, Bas


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