Saturday, September 18, 2010

What's that noise?

A nice video from K2NCC. On 20 meter I worked E77A with SSB, and on 17 meter I worked with BPSK31 RK6AX and RW6MDV.

Tonight I worked with 5 watt SSB OE5ØAMRS on 20 meter. The Austrian Military Radio Society is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. To mark the event, special event call signs has been issued OE50AMRS - OE50XAM - OE50XCL - OE50XCW - OE50XLC - OE50XMA - OE50XRM The call signs will be used from various locations in Austria during the period of 01 September until the 31 of December 2010. Also worked with 5 watt SSB: E71A
With 5 watt JT65A on 20 meter: SP3IY
With 5 watt BPSK31 on 40 meter: M6SUS/A Susan from the island of Wight.


  1. That Hy End Fed Antenna is working wonders for you. As for the noise not sure??

  2. Hello Mike, good evening, hi... the antenna is great. 2 years ago I started with a Miracle Whip extended with 10 meter wire. That combination was really great. Worked 76 DXCC with 5 watt SSB. In between a dipole for 80 & 40 meter + a vertical Falcon 250B, but the HyEndFed out perform all other antennas. 73 Paul


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