Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Radio Player

I came across this Radio Player with World Folk Music. Except Ham Radio audio, there is more to enjoy what is audible. (To activate the player click on the photo)

My JT65-HF software failed this morning. When UT4QU replied on my CQ call, the software was not reacting. I must de-install JT65-HF and made a new installation. With PSK31 reports this morning on 20 meter I had 360 km/watt, and with JT65A 1563 km/watt. I was reported by YV6BFE. And so did I. Nevertheless we didn't make a qso.


  1. Hello Paul...I have it running in the background now.

    Music is such a powerful medium. I can't imagine living without it. Cultures that shun it can't comprehend the joy it brings to the masses. It's difficult for me to grasp.

    Thanks for the link.

    btw/ Smithson is a name I've heard many times. Hihi

  2. I enjoy folk music very much, and have collections. Thank you for sharing the link.

    My older daughter is a musician, plays violin, and my youngest is learning cello. So you can imagine we have lots of music in the house, especially folk!

  3. Hallo Paul, ik heb het beluisterd maar ik moet eerlijk zeggen dat het niet mijn smaak van muziek is. Gelukkig is niet iedereen hetzelfde...
    Raar dat JT65-HF niet meer werkte. Wil de nieuwste versie binnenkort ook weer eens proberen. Het is jammer dat het nog niet geïntegreerd is in DM780.
    73, Bas


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