Wednesday, September 8, 2010

QRP digi mode

My country list for the last 4 days with JT65A. With 0,5 watt on 30 meter WSPR best reported results are: UA3ARC 2146 km, EA6CA 1464 km and OH3MHA 1581 km. 1 watt on 20 meter: K1JT 5907 km and 4X1RF 3270 km. 2 watt on 40 meter: best result is I2HFS 798 km. Best propagations are on 20 meter. For 30 meter and higher I use my vertical, and for 40 or lower I use my inverted V dipole. Today it's raining again. I must do some shopping, but I don't feel like to go out in the rain. Maybe you think, why don't you take your car, but I do not have a drivers license. Never had the urge to get one. So when I go out I take my bike. But I'll wait and go out when it stops raining. Below my postings you see some weather widgets of the Netherlands.


  1. Hi Paul. I see you continue having FB results with QRP in digital mode operations. One and two watts is real QRP!

    I was over 30 years of age before getting a driver's license. None in high-school, then military service, university, government employment in France. Not until I lived in New York City did I get a license, even though a car was not necessary there.

    I get no pleasure in driving. I don't drive in Europe. My YL does the driving! We expect to get tri-cycles with big baskets for market shopping this time.

    73 Dick

  2. Hi Dick, and 500 milliwatts on 30 meter. Hi.
    The same here about driving: the XYL does the driving and she likes it. I don't, even if I could. 73 Paul

  3. Hallo Paul,

    Ik denk dat je bedoeld dat je gespot bent met JT65A mode, niet dat je de QSOs gemaakt hebt. Of heb ik het mis? Het is hier tot nu toe nog aardig droog, gisteren in het hele land regen behalve hier, alleen gisterenavond een paar spetters. 73, Bas

  4. Hallo Bas, het is een gecombineerde lijst, de meeste heb ik gespot, enkele gewerkt. ;-) Nee, Japan en Argentinië heb ik nog niet eerder gewerkt met QRP. Nu wordt het hier een beetje droog.


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