Sunday, September 19, 2010

QRP CW 20 meter

Though there is a contest going on, still there are ham's who stick to the qrp frequencies. I worked with 5 watt CW on 14060 KHz, EA5VK and EA4TX/P (photo from also both 5 watt.

These are WSPR observations (30) between 13.00 and 14.00 UTC on 20 meter with 5 watt into the HyEndFed antenna. I think propagations are poor. The only exception are reports from Japan. I do not exceed the 2000 km.


  1. Very good Paul. I hope more international cw QRPers will find themselves on or near 14.060. Say 14.050 to 14.060. 73 Dick

  2. Hi Dick,
    I check regular the cw qrp frequencies if there is any activity. Hope to hear you soon. 73 Paul


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