Monday, September 13, 2010

HF interference

I was checking 7076 KHz for JT65A State Side. I was calling CQ, meanwhile I was lay the table for breakfast and put on the transistor radio for latest news. But, I had severe interference from my rig. Now I understand what my neighbor have to go through. With SSB on 40 meter I have also RFI on his radio. Now with JT65A also. A few minutes later I tried 20 meter, but no problem at all. I do have the problem only on 40 meter. Meanwhile I was reported by K3UK and KC8V on 40 meter. Propagation to the USA is reasonable good with JT65A around 5.00 o'clock UTC on 40 meter.


  1. I am sorry to hear about your interference. Maybe the transistor radio has poor Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

    Which antenna were you using on the transmitter when you had the interference?

    I must give the JT65A calling frequency 7076 a try, must just make sure I am up early enough!



  2. Hello André: it's a cheap transistor radio. I use for 40 meter a trapped dipole Inv. V. 7076 KHz is the calling frequency in the USA for JT65A. You have to go early indeed. ;-) 73 Paul

  3. Hi Paul - I have just logged on to your blog and noticed you have put back your old "Header" of the Dutch windmill, I think this is more appropriate for you - Interference: I too get it using just 5w on 40m, other bands seem ok though I run Inverted V @10m high

    73 Peter

  4. Hi Peter, just 5 watt and interference. It seems that an open half wave dipole gives more interference then a a end fed dipole. So I will try an end fed for 20 meter, and when I like it, then I will place an end fed for 40 meter as well. The mill is just outside our village. I like that picture.


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