Sunday, August 15, 2010

Up and downs

We don't have to be troubled about the up and downs of our sun (solar cycle). Finally it will go up. And when we'll wait long enough it goes down as well.

A CW contest: what an agitation, bustle and nervousness. The 20 meter band seems a busy tourist rose. Overcrowded, crashing, falling over each other, never a quiet place, even at 14.060 KHz. I've turned off the radio. we went to the beach. It was dark and the sky was beautiful. I saw a shooting star. My son (10) was paddling in the sea. ‘Do you see the Great Bear?’ I said to my son. ‘And do you see the optical double star Mizar and Alcor?’ It was told for generations, fathers to sons. Our dog ran around enthusiastically, back and forth. He did like the beach too. Monday is my day, leaving the madness of the contest weekend behind. DX is always elusive, just around the corner, in the noise. See you hopefully there.

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  1. Paul,

    Daar liep ik gisteren ook tegenaan terwijl ik in het veld was. Op 30M was het ook rustig, toch wat qso's gemaakt. Op mijn Blog schrijf ik er vandaag nog over.


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