Thursday, August 26, 2010

Time lapse video of earth

A time lapse video of earth from space. This time lapse footage was taken by astronaut Don Pettit, I like it very much. Last night I was QRV on 40 meter. At day time I couldn’t make any contact on HF. But with the start of twilight 40 meter opens up. I worked with BPSK31 the following stations: S58X, PD2BJC, DL2ZJA, DM4ZPJ, IWØBAY, GM4CFS and DL/PA4ARP. Today it’s very rainy. They expect a lot of rain for the coming 24 hours. It looks like fall has started a month earlier.

On the higher HF bands was no contact possible at day time. Thank god, 40 meter is alright at night. I worked this evening with BPSK31 9A2TN on 20 meter, and on 40 meter: YO6AJI, GM7GAX, EW7KF, RN3KL and OK1AYF.


  1. Paul, I see you have that globe counter thing at the bottom of your page. I just did the same, but I am not sure what it really does.

    I don't believe for a minute all the countries shown on the globe appearing on my own page have been reading...or looking at my own blog!

    Can you tell me what it really represents?

    Can anyone?

    I'm a bet thick on these things.

    73 Dick

  2. Hi Dick, you have to get your own HTML code from Revolver. Now you have the HTML code of Revolver itself on your blog. Revolver shows the last visitors of your blog and old visitors are marked with a red dot on the globe. 73 Paul


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