Saturday, August 14, 2010

Testing the Falcon for QRP

I have my HF antenna, the Falcon 250B directly connected to my FT817. Before that it was connected to a coaxial switch and autotuner. On 6 meter I had a very bad SWR, now direct is my SWR on 6 meter perfect. There is no tuner needed because I have a perfect SWR on all bands 1.3:1 or lower. My impression is that it works better now without a tuner in between. I will test the antenna with QRP and Falcon on all bands. My dipole is connected to my FT450 for 40 and 80 meter. This morning I was monitoring the CW part of the 20 meter band, while there was a contest going on. Especially stations from Asiatic Russia were very strong here. I heard: RG9A, UA9FGJ, UA9OG, A71EM, 4Z4DX, RL9AA, RWØCR, RA9AM, TK5MH, TA2/DL2JRM, ZC4LI, UPØL and K1LZ. All received on the FT817 and vertical. Today I must join my son because he has a tennis contest. No ham radio for the rest of the day. Have a nice Saturday. Well a quick one: I worked SP8ØPZK with 5 watt SSB on 20 meter.


  1. Hoe is de SWR als je de autotuner op bypass zet en de coaxschakelaar er tussenuit?

    73, Tjeerd

  2. Hallo Tjeerd,

    Dat heb ik ook geprobeerd, maar dat maakte niets uit.

    73 Paul

  3. Paul,

    I'd bet you that it was the coax switch. When I took my Butternut HF9V off my coax switch and plugged it directly into the back of the K2, it was like a whole different antenna - in a good way! The noise level went down and receive signal strength increased dramatically. The Butternut is now my first choice over the wire.

    73 de Larry W2LJ

  4. Vreemde test. Waarschijnlijk heeft Larry gelijk. Kan ook een defecte tussenkabel zijn. Wel apart dat zo een antenne overal een goede SWR heeft...
    73, Bas

  5. Hi Larry, I think your right, it must be the coax switch. Especially for 6 meter. Sometimes we need a tuner, but it is better to have a tuned antenna itself. 73 Paul

  6. hallo Bas, de 'matching transformer' maakt dat de SWR op alle banden goed is, of de antenna overal evengoed straalt dat is te betwijfelen. ;-) 73 Paul

  7. Well, they say when at 5 watts or less, have nothing between rig and antenna coax feed. Of course, if you have a long or random wire, you will need a tuner. Or, if you are using some sort of twin lead as a feed source, again a tuner would be necessary.

    Using coax fed antennas, I have always preferred coax-to-rig.

    I now have a neat FT-813 QRP meter which I keep in line. Really handy item.

    I make sure PL-259 connecters are fully engaged and screwed in. It is amazing how those connecters can loosen up and still not fall out.

    Loose PL-259s can also be a source of power lose.

    73 Dick

  8. Hi Paul,

    The Falcon sounds like a cool name for an antenna. Hope all is well. Bring back the girl pics!
    Beast Regards - Jim

  9. Hi Dick, when the antenna is resonant, the best thing is direct coax connecting. I use the tuner only to tune the 40/80 meter dipole for the other, higher bands. The vertical don't need a tuner. A flat SWR all over, from 160 to 6 meter. 73 Paul

  10. Hi Jim, the falcon is really cool, and the oranges dresses are sold out. ;-) 73 Paul


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