Thursday, August 5, 2010

QRP activity

Maybe because of the geomagnetic storm, there was almost no activity on HF. This morning around 9.00 o'clock UTC I was monitoring the QRP CW frequency 14.060 and several stations calling or working. DL2BXC/QRP, F6GVI, UA1AAR, DL5NBS/P, M/DL5SAF, GM3MXN and G4CKS. After 9.30 UTC all activity was gone.

At 10.09 UTC I worked J48LH from Cape Doukato Lefkas Island, Greece with CW. A lighthouse station. Today conditions stay poor. With JT65A I couldn't make it above 1000 km with my 5 watt and vertical antenna. On 20 meter I heard on 14.060 G3KDP. Tonight on 40 meter I worked with CW and 10 watts output: GØWDT Edward from New Castle, England, GØFHK Ray from Gloucester, England and 9A3BVI Babo from Korarula ?? Island, Croatia. In the end I lost him because of heavy QSB.


  1. Hi Paul. Nice to read that more amateurs are on or near the QRP cw calling frequencies.

    Nice lighthouse catch and attractive new blog site layout.

    73 Dick

  2. Hi Dick,

    You know I like to change my layout so now and then. The 20 meter band is in a better condition today. Though signals are going up and down.

    73 Paul


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