Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just listening

For two days I hear 5N7M (Nigeria) calling and working on 17 meter. But it was not possible for me to work him. Even with QRO (Forgive my sin) I could not come through. On the other (not WARC bands) are contests going on. Even with digi modes. They all seems to be very hasty. It makes me a little bit nervous. On 14.060 KHz I heard around 8.15 UTC SP5AGU and SM4YPG. Sometimes is listening enough for me. Especially when they already in QSO. I listen sometimes to JT65A because it indicates how propagation is. At 9.00 UTC I heard RA9KT (4074 km) however, I made no QSO today so far. Just a little bit of listening. The weather is disappointing, rainy and overcast. Yesterday it rains all day.

This afternoon I have WSPR running with 2 watt on 20 meter. Reported by SV8ARJ (2197 km) and UA3ARC (2146 km) received: 4X1RF and VU2LID (outside Europe).


  1. Don't you feel sorry for people who have LID as their call letters?

  2. Hi Julian, hmmm, I don't know, I think I miss the point. 73 Paul


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