Saturday, August 21, 2010

Easy set up WSPR

Still I work with WSPR (and other digital modes) the easy way. No interface, I use my computer sound card. I have a audio cable connected from the headphone output of FT817 to the mic input of the computer. I place the FT817 microphone before a computer speaker, set the FT817 in VOX mode. And the set up is ready. Simple and ready to go. I set the PC volume as low as possible, just enough to activate the VOX. That's all. Now my WSPR beacon is on air. The software doing the rest. The K1JT WSPR software is free.

WSPR today on 10 meter sporadic E reflections, with just only 2 watts (FT817 & vertical)

As you see there are RTTY stations in the WSPR section of the band. But the WSPR software is capable to decode the WSPR signals.

Stations I have been reported.

Stations I received. Due to poor conditions (SF 77) I did not come further then Russia. About 2000 km. Though I heard Japan. He was running 10 watts.


  1. Well done, Paul. And, I admire your simple approach to operating in the WSPR mode. Proof all the latest "gizmos" are not required.

    SFI 76 on your blog page right now. I won't be on 17/15/10 meters anytime soon.

    73 Dick

  2. Hello Dick, When things can be done easy, just the simple way. 73 Paul


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