Saturday, July 31, 2010

No QSO really needed

Yesterday I heard a strange call on 20 meter: ETO5Y but I am not sure, with CW on 14.016 KHz. It could also be ETOHY. Many stations were working that station, so did I. On I saw also reports with a question mark at the end. I was not the only one that could not unravel his signal. Was it a station from Ethiopia? Or a pirate? Last night and today I was setting up JT65A and PSK31. It was very busy on 20 meter with JT65A. Probably because it’s weekend. At a moment this morning there were 21 stations at the same time. It is for me not necessary to accomplish a QSO. Paul M6PCZ wrote a few days ago: “I have found PSKreporter such a useful and interesting tool, so leaving my station reporting is my way of giving something back.” I can understand his point of view. With PSK31 and JT65A I upload the information to PSKreporter. It is enough for me to see, when I call CQ, where my transmission is heard. When no one comes back to my CQ call, I see receptions reports that show up by PSKreporter. The last 3 days I received or worked 31 countries. With PSK31 I call CQ by macro every 18 seconds. Sometimes someone comes back, if not I can see reports with PSKreporter. Very nice. The most JT65A activity is on 20 meter, when I call on 15 meter or other bands, I seldom hear someone. Today I heard several Japanese stations with JT65A: JA1KEV, JI4POR and JA6BUV. And W6SZ from California (First time) and CX4CR (Uruguay).


  1. Hallo Paul,

    Ik was vandaag aktief op 17m PSK. Heb van alles ontvangen inclusief Singapore, Uruquay div. USA, Japan. Maar ik zat ook niet de hele dag achter de computer. Als ik CQ gaf werkte ik binnen 2 minuten diverse stations achter elkaar, maar meestal binnen EU. Misschien dat het straks in de greyline beter gaat. PSK reporter is inderdaad een leuke tool, ook als ze je wel ontvangen maar geen QSO maken. 73, Bas

  2. Hallo Bas, vandaag niet op 17 meter geweest... straks maar even kijken. 73 Paul


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