Saturday, July 3, 2010

Most DXCC on 40 meter

I didn't check my DXCC list for a long time. Now I checked again, and still 40 meter is my best DXCC band with QRP. 59 DXCC countries so far on 40 meter since August 2008. All bands Total 76. You have to keep in mind that the Solar Flux is still around 75 average, with a small peak to 85 in February this year. When conditions will really go up, then I will catch more DXCC on the higher bands.

Yesterday the Dutch team beats Brazil. The first 45 minutes were in advantage for Brazil. The last 45 minutes we came back. Now we meet Uruguay next Tuesday. Many streets and houses turn into orange. The madness will be total when they win the World Cup. So far they are in the semifinals.


  1. I so love them Handhelds for HF, thats why I treated myself to a FT817 last month, pure joy, keep up the good work.

    73, Lawrie

  2. Hello Lawrie, the FT817 is a great transceiver. Enjoy it. 73 Paul


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