Monday, July 5, 2010

More CW

There is still a lot of CW on 6 meter. In a way it's surprising. CW is not dead. On this photo you see 6 meter activity early this morning. As you probably know I can only work CW on 6 meter. Above 50.120 MHz my SWR is too high. Yesterday I saw 'Independence Day' on television because of the fourth of July. And maybe you can recall the scene where CW saves the world. Communication with the straight key as only possibility to communicate.

This week is very busy. It's the last week of my daughter on primary school. Her class is working on a musical, that is tomorrow. I promised that I will make a DVD of the musical. And I have to make preparations for our holiday next Saturday. I don't think I take ham gear with me. The Solar Flux is low, and I will spend more time with the family. Only, I will take the 2 meter hand held on vacation and a few books. My favourite song of the day.


  1. The old expression for good luck on Broadway was "break a leg". So good luck to your daughter. With conditions so poor. it is a good time to take a vacation minus amateur radio.

    Enjoy yours.

    73 Dick

  2. Hi Dick, I am familiar with that expression. That's the hardest part of translation for me: the expressions and sayings. I can't translate an Dutch expression literally. And sometimes I don't know what a English expression means, when literally translated, it doesn't always make sense. I looking forward to our vacation in Germany for two weeks. 73 Paul

  3. Makes no sense at all, Paul, (especially if the artist is a dancer, hi).

    Wishing a performer "good luck" just before going on stage was thought to be a guarantee of "bad" luck.


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