Sunday, June 27, 2010


I noticed that my webpage opens up very slowly. I wonder what that could be. Now I know, it is the widgets in the sidebar. I reduced my Blogroll with the latest five updates and deleted many other widgets. If you think that I don’t follow your blog any-more: I have all your blogs in my Google RSS reader. No problem at all. Also Youtube videos makes the page slow. When I have 7 postings on the page with videos it will be very slow. Even with a fast Internet (Broadband) connection. Now I placed only 5 messages on the main page. That will do. It’s very hot today, I stay in the shadow. My Gmail account was hacked by someone in China. I must change my password which I did. Have a nice Sunday.


  1. Hallo Paul, wat betreft de widgets, daar heb je gelijk in. Maar ging het echt zo langzaam dan? Dacht dat de snelheid van internet wel redelijk was in het westen van het land? Mooie radio op de achtergrond overigens, kon die van mij haast wel zijn. Vind het wel jammer dat je de blogrol ook hebt weggedaan. Want er waren ook veel geïnteresserden die via jouw blog op mijn blog terecht kwamen. De blogrol kan je ook zo publiceren dat hij alleen de 5 laatst bijgewerkte weergeeft. Zie mijn blog! Have a nice day! 73, Bas

  2. Hallo Bas, ja, daar heb je wel gelijk in, ik zal die opties even bekijken. groeten, Paul

  3. Anonymous6/27/2010

    Milan Kundera has written some great novels I think. I like hearing stories from foreign writers on short wave broadcast stations. I also like their Jazz programs. 30C here today. Too hot really. I panic and get nervous!

    Bye for now, Adam

  4. Hallo Adam, please stay cool... temperatures here also 30C. Too hot to do something. 73 Paul


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