Saturday, June 26, 2010

What to do?

What to do this weekend? The weather is fine, sunny and temperatures above 25 C. I could go biking, walking the dog, or lay down in the backyard with a cold beer. I am home alone. The XYL is to a funeral, because an aunt of hers died. The kids are out somewhere. I could do some ham radio, but it’s too hot. Also there are several contests this weekend: SSB contest The King of Spain, RTTY and PSK31 contest Ukrainian Digi contest and CW Marconi Memorial Contest. You don’t like contests? Then you have to move to the WARC bands. Then we have the World Cup 2010 matches today. I like to watch them too. I did the groceries early this morning , so this is done. Now I have to decide what to do...

I like this song.


  1. Je gaat je toch niet vervelend Paul? Met je neus boven de soldeerbout is ook geen optie.

    Geniet van dit weekend.

  2. Hoi Tjeerd, nee hoor... maar op eens zoveel vrije tijd, en dan al die keuzes. Nee, geen soldeerbout met dit weer. Prettig weekend. 73 paul

  3. Paul, enjoy the fine weather. It doesn't last very long. Will be snowing soon enough! Over here 20 and 30 meter DX is best late afternoon. Leaves most of day for outdoor activities. 73 Dick

  4. Hi Dick, yes, summer is almost gone... ;-) I enjoy the nice weather today. Also tomorrow. Maybe Monday thunderstorms. 73 Paul

  5. Hello Paul,

    I like that song too! Thanks. Very summery! It's hot here too: 27C this afternoon. Lovely. But I am more of a spring and autumn person! 73 Adam


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