Wednesday, June 16, 2010

QRZ fails

Service limit exceeded: Too many lookups in this time period.
Please try again later.
What the f***, how can I change my QRZ template without looking what the results are. I never had this before. I wonder what happens when someone have to add a lot of qso’s in the logbook. A good reason for not using the logbook. Very annoying.

With 10 watt PSK31 I worked DK1MHW on 20 meter, and US7KC and F5NMK on 40 meter.


  1. I think I know the reason for this. Some idiot UK Foundation licensees from Northern Ireland decided to have a competition to see who could get the highest lookup count on their page. Some of them probably wrote an automated script to repeatedly load their page. To prevent this QRZ must have implemented a limit on the number of lookups from the same IP address. In view of what was happening, which was bringing their server to its knees with what was effectively a Denial of Service attack (even if the intent was stupid not malicious) I can't really blame them. It's just another example of how we all end up suffering because of the activities of idiots.

  2. Hello Julian, now I understand, why do people such things? The world has gone crazy. 73 Paul

  3. How true...I had the same fears. There's a lot to be said for the KISS principal. I've already started to brace myself for the "sales" pitch.
    The only real question is "how much is it going to cost". KISS.....always. Keep it simple S....



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