Saturday, June 19, 2010

Old stuff

Clip is from the classic film titled "Love Finds Andy Hardy" (1939). Andy Hardy (Mickey Rooney) uses a local Ham Operator to send an urgent message to Canada. I love that old classic films stuff. You can feel the wonder and magic of wireless transmission. Enjoy this weekend. This afternoon The Netherlands is off line, because The Dutch soccer team plays against the Japanese team.

I listen to Donald Fagen this morning (The Nightfly album) Listen to: New Frontier.


  1. Paul,

    Ik zit niet voor de TV. Doe tussendoor ook andere dingen. Q5 transmitter repareren.

  2. Mickey Rooney, born in 1920, is still living. Married 8 times. One spouse was Ava Gardner...oh boy! I think the most multi-talented individual ever to appear in films. could sing, dance, make you laugh...and break your heart in some of his serious films. No one can replace him. As no one can replace Cary Grant or Gregory Peck or WC Fields or the Marx Brothers...all gone now.

    Happily, they live on thanks to the invention of the DVD, and Ted Turner who saved all those early films.

  3. Nice hot pictures appearing on your blog lately Paul! Just checking in to say "hello" and best wishes from Torquay. Adam


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