Sunday, June 6, 2010

I changed my call sign again

PC4T is no longer my call sign. Some people think that I am crazy for changing the call sign over again. But finally I want my first, old call sign back. It feels so familiar, so well known. Now when I am more on 2 meter and 70 cm I came across radio amateurs who know me with my old call sign, and I feel a kind of odd to have a new call sign which is still not really my own. So back to my roots. PAØPSY is the call sign I got in 1976. Please change my call sign in your blogroll if you have me on your list. Thank you.

I have a new computer. A Windows 7, with a Intel Core i5 Processor 2,67 GHz. 1000 GB hard drive. I've been very busy this weekend to install all my documents and software I need. Now it's ready. It's works terrific, very fast machine.


  1. Your old-new (or is it new-old) call is just fine, Paul. My original call was KA2JIZ issued in 1980.

    I changed it several years ago to N2UGB. NUGB (minus 2) was the US Navy radio call sign given to the cruiser USS Amsterdam which saw action in the Pacific during the last months of WW2. It was named Amsterdam to honor an Amsterdam, NY lad killed in Pearl Harbor. The boy's mother assisted at the launching.

    73 Dick

  2. PC4T lijkt me makkelijker seinen in morse. Maar goed, ergens begrijp ik het wel. Ik heb nooit de behoefte gehad om mijn call te veranderen. Het zal voor mij wel even wennen zijn, want ik ken je alleen als PC4T...73, Bas

  3. Hello Dick,
    That makes your call sign very special indeed. I had my PC4T call just for one year. 73 Paul

  4. Hallo Bas, met morse en PSK of RTTY maakt het juist niets uit. Dat valt best mee. Het is juist dat ik het voor phone gedaan had, lekker kort. Maar ik werk weinig met phone. ;-) Ik krijg toch van Nederlandse amateurs de meeste reacties dat ze niet kunnen wennen aan mijn call. En sommige zeiden dat het zonde vinden dat ik mijn PAØ call heb vrijgeveven omdat het toch alleen voor de oldtimers is voor 1976. En dat vind ik eigenlijk toch ook wel. Je gaat er wel aan wennen... 73 Paul

  5. Hallo Paul,
    I prefer your PAØPSY callsign as it was the one I came across first. I will change my blog list now. GL with the new PC! 73 and bye for now from a cold, cloudy and wet English morning! Adam

  6. Hello Adam,
    thank you for changing the blogroll. Well, the weather isn't any better here. It's cloudy and rainy today. And conditions are also very poor. A Solar Flux of 68. 73 Paul

  7. Hello Paul,

    I have changed your callsign on my blogroll. Have fun with your new pc!

    73 Kevin

  8. Hi Kevin, thanks for changing the blogroll. 73 Paul


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