Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Backup, backup

I took this picture in the near of our village. When it's hot I go biking, because it's better then in the backyard. We have a lot of this old mills. A typical Dutch phenomenon. I lost my callbook entries for June. I didn't make a backup lately and the Excel file was corrupted. Fortunately, I mansion all the qso's on my blog. I should make a backup every week. At the moment there are good tropo conditions on 2 meter. I do hear a lot of repeaters from Belgium and Germany also.

Today and yesterday almost no sporadic E reflections on 10 and 6 meter. Even with WSPR today on 20 meter my dx was only 3200 km. I give QRZ logbook a try. I start today with the free version. I am no paying member.


  1. Hallo Paul,

    Het is hier in het noorden ook bloedheet. Mooie molen overigens, heb een tijdje geleden nog in Akersloot gelogeerd o.a voor familiebezoek. Heel veel van dit soort watertjes en molens gezien. We hadden zelfs uitzicht op 1. Maar uiteindelijk is het ons daar te druk. Jij hebt wel pech zeg met je log. Het is niet de eerste keer volgens mij. Ik maak regelmatig backups, moet er niet aan denken dat mijn log van bijna 10000 QSO´s verloren gaat, overigens als je de QSO´s in eQSL hebt gezet is er een mogelijkheid om ze weer te downloaden. 73, Bas

  2. Hallo Bas, dit is de molen tussen Heiloo en Akersloot. Je hebt er nog eentje in Akersloot vlak bij het Noord-Hollands kanaal. Ik zet niet alle qso's bij eQSL. Ik ben benieuwd naar het logboek van QRZ.com en wat dat kost. Er komen onweers buien aandrijven via de Noordzee. Om 12.00 dan hebben we eerste flinke bui te pakken zo te zien op de radar. Even de kabels ontkoppelen. 73 Paul

  3. Anonymous6/29/2010

    Hello Paul,

    That is a very, very beautiful picture. I really love the windmills. Well, I love all things Dutch I suppose. Don't really know why, but I do! And I think that picture is terrific. 73 Adam

  4. My "antique" lap-top computer is about to expire. Really can't do anything with it now.

    Looking at your photo, I am reminded of an Alfred Hitchcock film, "Foreign Correspendant". A scene in the movie takes place in a mill on a lonely road. Well done, though filmed in Hollywood.

    Congrats on your football team's win the other day.

    73 Dick

  5. Great photo! Old mills are so beautiful unlike these awful things for generating electricity. I usually have loads of fun during Mills on the Air weekend.

    I had not had any trouble with you page loading and my connection to the Internet is rubbish.

  6. Hello Paul:
    Very nice photo - - we have an old mill on top of a hill not too far from here, must get a photo some time
    Holland getting into gear now, semi finals? who knows... England - a total disgrace.
    No radio here either, very busy in the garden - cond'x so poor.
    Have fun:


  7. Hello Adam, I like windmills too. And a few of them are still on duty for grain milling. 73 Paul

  8. Hello Dick, yes I know the film. It gives a good view of the fifties. I like that. All black and white. 73 Paul

  9. Hello Steve, maybe it's my internet connection or browser what gives delays in loading the page. We have modern mills too, to much I would say, now we have a windmill park in the North Sea. Very ugly. But we need some green energy, do we? When the weather is good I will take a small video to let you see how it looks like. 73 Paul

  10. Hi Peter, so far The Netherlands survive, but I think we'll have a hard time on Brazil. Friday we'll know. Conditions let us down, but a good time to do other things. ;-) 73 Paul


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