Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back from France

I was for two days in France (Lariviére Arnoncourt) to help friends moving out of there. 20 hours of driving all together. My friends lived there for almost 5 years and now they come back to the Netherlands. I had no time to reply on some comments, because I was gone this weekend. Today I was listening on 6 meters, I heard IØSNY Nicola and I could work hime with my 5 watt SSB after a few times of calling. I got a 55 report. Also worked IK5GQK (Photo) Fabrizio from Firenze, Italy. Again 55 report. My antenna is not really good for 6 meter, but it's funny that I could work them. Tonight I worked RZ1OA/P Vlad from Sosnovets Island (2492 km) and GØKDJ Jim from Widnes, England both with 5 watt CW. Tonight I worked RZ1OA/P1 also on 20 meter with 5 watt SSB. On 40 meter I worked HBØ/OU4U Marc from Liechtenstein with 5 watt SSB and a big pile up.


  1. Morning Paul,

    Hope you enjoyed France and glad you're back safely. I hope you're friends settle well back in The Netherlands. It must be unsettling when plans to move abroad don't work out for one reason or another. Bye for now, 73 Adam

  2. Hello Adam, we are glad to be back safe. Yes, it was difficult for them, especially the language and homesickness of the grown up children. I didn't do much placing comments on blogs lately but I do read your blog and your experiments with SWL-ing. I have put back the FT817 as my main rig. Maybe I sell the FT450 because I am addicted to QRP and small rigs. I like to keep it simple. Bye for now, 73 Paul


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