Tuesday, June 1, 2010

12 meter

This afternoon I was for a short while on 12 meter. I worked DL8XDA Val from Stuttgart, Germany. Also DK1ROB (see photo) from Munich, Germany. I was running 60 watts SSB, and I ask Rob if he was willing to do a test. I was turning down my power, I started with 60 watt I was 57, with 30 watt 56, with 20 watt 55, with 10 watt 54 and with 5 watt 52. So 20 watt is enough under poor conditions. In my logbook at QRZ.com I saw coming in MØJEK Andre, on 15 meter CW, but I was not QRV on 15 meter, maybe he heard me on 12 meter?


  1. Hallo Paul,

    Sorry over de QRZ Logbook. Het was eigenlijk een test. Je kunt dis did uitveir.

    I do like the QRZ log book feature, and will start to use it correctly when testing is complete. They say that all entries will be deleted before release.

    I am QRV, 2 June, on 10m WSPR using remote control from the office in London to my QTHR. I now have working antenna, and I am busy laying radials into the lawn. Hard work, I am not even half way yet!


    André - MØJEK

  2. Hello André: I thought so... hi, I accept it, because to test it. I like the QRZ.com logbook. Now I am using only a spreadsheet as a logbook. Good luck with your antenna, soon you will be on air. 73 Paul


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