Monday, May 10, 2010


Sometimes I hate contests, especially when they occupy special frequencies. I was planning to do some PSK and QRP CW. But... there was a RTTY contest going on. Nothing is holy anymore. They occupy QRP frequencies, PSK frequencies and even JT65A frequencies. Now I know why I quit ham radio in the late eighties. I was fed up with this ego centered radio operations. And yes, when we can't fight them, we join them. The only opportunity to work another station. OK, I stop complaining on this Monday morning. Saturday my daughter was having her birthday, she is 12 years old now. What a beautiful girl she is, I am a proud dad, with such a girl.
Just turn on the rig, on 20 meter I can hear only one CW station, and very weak. On 30 meter I did hear some CW activity.


  1. I'm sure part of the problem is operators who do not care, but also a part of the problem may be a lack of awareness. The special frequencies are by "gentleman's agreement" and not by law. I'm sure there are "special frequencies" that I have used without realizing it. I agree that when the contests come up it gets crazy. Thankfully we can escape to the WARC bands as long as conditions are good.

    Have a good week.


  2. Hello Paul:
    Yes contests crawl across our qrp/digi/rtty/wspr I have even heard some of the cw contests spread up into the phone end, it's "inconsiderate" and as Jack says, a lot are "unaware" that anything else is going on - bring on the warc bands.
    I remember when I was twelve - we went camping in the forest for our holidays - those were the days, we're only young once.

    Rgds Peter

  3. Hoi Paul, ik kan het me voorstellen. De echte fanatieke contesters kan het niks schelen waar ze zitten, als het maar punten opbrengt. Heden ten dag zou ik als organisatie gewoon eisen dat de frequenties gelogd zouden worden, dat is nl. heel goed mogelijk. Zend/ontvang je buiten de toegestane frequentie punten tellen ze niet mee. Misschien in de toekomst? Nog gefeliciteerd met je dochter. Toen ik 12 was kreeg ik pas echt interesse in radio. Dat was de tijd dat 27MC MARC met de 22 kanalen echt in de mode was. QSL kaarten ruilen op school, leuke tijden. In het begin mocht je pas een vergunning halen als je 16 jaar was geloof ik, dus helaas mocht ik alleen mar luisteren. Dat waren leuke tijden. 73, Bas

  4. @Jack: yes, glad we have WARC bands. But last weekend conditions were too poor for 17 meter and higher. In the weekends I am most of the time on WARC bands QRV. 73 Paul

  5. @Peter: wish I could stay for ever young... ;-)
    Yes, WARC bands are great. I love to work on it. 73 Paul

  6. @Bas: die herinneringen zijn altijd mooi. Vroeger met mijn vader op 27MC piraten. Later had hij een D licentie en spraken wij elkaar op 2 meter. Met de weekenden zit ik vrijwel altijd op de WARC banden, en als ik een DXCC nodig heb dan pik ik wel een stukje contest mee. ;-) 73 Paul


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