Sunday, May 16, 2010

Receiving myself reported tropo conditions on 2 meter between England, Netherlands and Germany. So I thought I let WSPR run. Unfortunately there was not too many stations QRV on 2 meter. Strongest station is always DL1DBC. But it was very strange to receive myself on 2 meter. PC4T was reported by PC4T. On HF nothing much to hear. Above 14 MHz the band completely dead. Best signals on 40 meter. I did work with 10 watt BPSK31: IW2CXB - DB7GE - RA2FU - RW3DVG - DM2TN - OK2ACF. I was reported by: EC5AQF - F1MBC - PE2RHD - SM6FMB - 3A2MB (Monaco - Still on my wish list!!!)- HB9SOF - F5RSS - DB1SO - DL3ZZA and M6PCZ (Paul).
On 80 meter I worked with my 10 watt BPSK31: DO8JC and DK8CX.


  1. I think it was because there was an RSGB 2m contest this weekend. I heard a station on a mountaintop in Scotland work into Germany and Holland. But I heard nothing here. Clearly being lower than the surrounding hills makes VHF DX under normal conditions an impossibility.

  2. For a short time I listen on 2 meter, but I couldn't hear DX on 2 meter. I do have only a vertical and DX is most of the time horizontal polarized. 73 Paul


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