Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Only one

There was Es, so I tried WSPR on 10 meter. I did receive nothing, and I was reported by IZ2RLX, just 1 station. I think my dipole is not sufficient for 10 meter, though the SWR is perfect. But if it is radiating enough, I doubt it. On 30 meter yesterday I have a new US State: Vermont, my 14th state with WSPR. A new DXC as well: India. That makes it 40 DXCC with WSPR. This afternoon I worked with QRP OH9NB on 20 meter with CW. He had a 16 elements antenna, 60 meter up. The noise floor was very high today. On 40 meter S9. On 20 meter S5. I heard only 2 CW stations on 20 meter. Maybe I try later on this evening to make a qso on 40 meter.


  1. 16 elementen op 20m? Dat moet een flinke antenne zijn.

    73, Tjeerd

  2. I also have only a dipole on 10m. But when there is Es I see some strong signals. I think most of the openings favour stations further south, as I observed last year as well.

    I am spotted more often than I spot, which is probably an effect of the noise level here.

  3. @Tjeerd: Ik kan het me ook bijna niet voorstellen. 73 Paul

    @Julian: it's bit disappointing. There was an opening on 10 meter, but I hear absolute nothing. :-( 73 Paul

  4. 10 meters hasn't been that great over here yet, so I wouldn't blame your antenna yet. Once 10 meters opens up, you can use almost anything for an antenna and have a great time. There was an opening last week where I was hearing stations in the southern USA that were coming in very strong, but none could hear me in the northeast. I think it's just the way the sporadic E propagation works sometimes.


  5. Hello Jack, What you said is true. Today I worked Ukraine and Russia over 2000 km on 10 meter. thanks for replying. 73 Paul


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