Saturday, May 29, 2010

New DXCC Cuba

It has been a long to add a new DXCC to my list. Last night I was listen on 20 meter. Only European stations calling 'State Side' and I could hear stations from the USA, but not possible for me to work them. So I went to 17 meter PSK part of the band. I saw CO8LY (Fernando from Santiago de Cuba) in my waterfall. I tried to work him with QRP, but nope. So I put up the power to 45 watts and now he could hear me. Yes, a new DXCC. I was a bit nervous and because to send Bye 73, I began to send the CQ macro... sorry. Also worked IW5AUD on 17 meter with BPSK31. On 40 meter I worked LZ65P with SSB QRP. To add some new countries this weekend: try to work some stations with the CQ WW WPX Contest (the rules) operators are willing to work you to get some points. Have a nice weekend.


  1. Hi Paul, nice contact that, I've not worked Cuba, but have done Peurto Rico and Martinque Isl near by, also on PSK, that was before that magnetic storm, not heard anything much exotic since.

    I can imagine the guy sat there doing the PSK puffing on a huge cigar.

    Thinking about it that call seems familiar, I think I have tried to work him/Cuba and not had any luck.

    73 and good dx !

  2. Hi Paul, I heard Chili too on 17 meter, I called him but he didn't respond. At night propagations are surprising sometimes. 73 Paul


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