Monday, May 24, 2010

More activity wanted

On the surface of the sun happens a lot, only we do not benefit so far. Most of us enjoy the Es season, which will reach the maximum in June. In August the most Es will be gone. We must not forget the tropo conditions on 2 meter or 70 cm. Last Saturday was a nice tropo opening on VHF and UHF. But nobody was there! I could hear and open many repeaters in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Though, it was very early in the morning. In the early days, about 30 years ago I could DX on 2 meter repeaters. But now with CTCSS and different shifts is it not always possible. When I hear a German repeater and press the PTT button then I activate the nearest repeater here. Maybe I must deactivate the sub tones.

When I look to the graphic then you see that the linear line for the Solar Flux is totally flat. Only the sunspot linear is slowly in upward progression. The increase of sunspots is always going up and down, like a sinus wave. When I look to it, it seems that we can expect a sunspot peak in the end of June. In the summertime my ham activity is low, because I like to bike when the weather is good and I need some exercise. I like soccer, so I watch the world championship soccer 2010 which start June 11.

WSPR on 10 meter yesterday. Best DX was 4X1RF from Israel. The last two days I worked: PA4SDV - PHØHI - PA2MCE - PDØSTP on 2 meter FM. On 40 meter SSB: GB4GEO (I was looking for GB6GEO but not a trace) - HF1DS - MØWAY - UT5RB and EA5/PA2MPR Willem from Benidorm Spain, we had a nice chat. So, lets see what this day will bring...


  1. Geniet van het mooie weer Paul.

    Ik was gisteren in het veld met mijn set, zie Blog.

    73, Tjeerd

  2. Hallo Tjeerd, ja, dat doe ik ook. Ik zie dat je verschillende webpagina's heb, je blog nog niet, ga even zoeken. 73 Paul

  3. Hallo Paul,

    Yes you are quite close to the coast at your QTH so I expect there are some interesting shipping stations to be heard. Very hot here in UK today: 29C maximum this afternoon. Now at 4pm it is down to 26C. Bradley is not impressed!

    It is great to have you in the blog world. I enjoy reading your posts and I am wondering to myself, why do us humans say these things only AFTERWARDS, when the blog has gone? Why can we not spend more time appreciating the things we have WHEN WE HAVE THEM.

    Perhaps it is this impermanence thing - we assume everything will last forever and only realise that this is not really true when they have gone!

    Anyway, WELCOME BACK TO PC4T!!

    73 from Adam

  4. Good job Paul - keeping yourself amused on the bands and not sticking to one mode - the digimodes has opened up a whole new concept to amateur radio for us all to try - these are exciting times, Soccer? I will be watching when I can drag my self away from 30 and 6m :-)
    I also need to polish my bike and get riding as well - lots to do !

  5. Hello Adam, I am glad you appreciate my blog. I also like the blogs I follow in my blogroll. They become a part of my daily life. Distant on-line friends so to say. We had also a wonderful weekend with sun and temp around 24 C. Bye for now, 73 Paul

  6. Hi Peter, I like to do different modes. Yes, I like Digimodes very much. Today I made SSB qso's and PSK31, PSK63 and RTTY on 10, 15, 17 and 20 meter. And just sitting in the sun with a cold beer. 73 Paul


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