Saturday, May 15, 2010

HF handy

It's a pity that the Mizuho MX7S HF handy is no longer in production. It would be wonderful for portable operation. Just for holidays to take it with you. Have a nice weekend, 73 Paul


  1. Morning Paul,

    That Mizuho looks cool! BTW hope your wife has a hassle-free trip to Ireland and that the weather is good for her.

    73 Adam

  2. They were exciting radios for their day, but not all that much smaller or lighter than an FT-817 which is much more versatile and has more than twice the power. They suggest you could use it as a walkie talkie but the chances of making an SSB contact on 40m with 2W to a telescopic whip are not very great.

    A 10m one might be interesting. There was also a 2m version which I owned years ago, but I think the output power was very low as it ran off a 9V transistor radio battery.

  3. I think there is a market for similar radios today. That is why we see those Mizuhos are going for such silly money on eBay. Like Julian I would like a 10m SSB rig similar to the Mizuho and I really can't understand why none of the manufacturers don't put SSB in their hand portables. It cannot be that hard.

  4. Hello Adam, I am afraid the ash is going to give problems, I think she'll have to cancel the trip. Keep my fingers crossed. 73 Paul

  5. hello Julian and Steve,
    Yes, I think a SSB handy would be nice for 10 or 6 meter. But only FM is available. I too think there is a market for small SSB handy's. 73 Paul


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