Friday, May 7, 2010

Good Old 40 meter

We are not lucky in the Netherlands for taking advantage of Es on 10 or 6 meter. Propagations for simple, low profile stations is not good enough. So I went back to 40 meter, the only reliable band for sure contacts. So I worked with PSK31: S51AY, IZ2OBS and UT1UW. With SSB I worked F8CHM with a very strong signal as always, and with CW two special event stations RP65A and RP65Z. Today the XYL and daughter return from holidays in Rome. They had a fine time there. We communicate with each other with SMS.

On 10 meter I had a nice cw qso with I1REG, and on 15 meter with PSK31 I5PGG. It is since a week I do hear signals on 15 meter.


  1. Conditions on 20 and 30 meters have not been very good so you are fortunate in having an antenna for 40 meters.

    Wish I did.

    73 Dick

  2. Hi Dick, yes I am surely glad with my 80-40 meter dipole. 73 Paul


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