Friday, May 21, 2010


Some of us say that Echolink is not radio. In a way they are right, but I am glad that I got Echolink finally working. My problem was that I couldn't open my UDP ports. There was something wrong with the configuration of my router. I was looking on the Internet for a solution. I find a program PFconfig. The software promised that it could configure my router. It cost me 30 euro's. When it was installed my router was not listed. Aargh. Still I could not open my UDP ports. My firewall was OK. I was almost giving up for a couple days. Then I tried again. But... Then I was asked for a login and password of the server. Which I don't really know. Then I saw in the preferences that I could choose for a proxy sever. So I did, I choose one from the list. And yes, It does work now!!! First I checked the test server to hear my audio back. First it was noisy and too weak. I must turn off my rig, and turn up the mic gain. I made a qso with PDØMNO Gerard and PA3BAT Roel via a 70 cm repeater. They say my audio sounds good for an Echolink contact. I got a real qso feeling as if it was real radio. I opened up a repeater on 2 meter on Curacao and a repeater in Albany, NY. It's really fun. I think I install Echolink on my laptop so I can make qso's when I am with holidays. With WSPR on 10 meter I was reported by EA1FAU. Tonight I had a QSO with 2EØLXA Adam from Keighley, England and EM7MFF from Lisichansk, Ukraine. Both with 10 watt SSB on 40 meter.


  1. Welcome back pilgrim

    Hey, of the Tulip Festival I posted on my blog. 45 minutes from here.

    73 Dick

  2. I nearly got my Echolink node up and running again but the USB adapter caused QRN on the radio. Hopefully I will get it working again soon. When it is up it is usually connected into conference IRELAND so perhaps we'll have a contact through it soon.

    I use my FT-817 on low power for the node. It gets too hot if there is constant traffic even on the lowest setting but unfortunately my efforts to find a cheap transceiver with milliwatts of output enough to link with my TH-F7E around the house have come to nothing.

  3. Hello Tjeerd, dank je.

    Hello Dick, the tulip fields are real nice now. Yes Albany is in your neighbourhood.

    Hello Julian, what is the call sign of Conference Ireland? Is it a repeater?

    73 Paul

  4. Hello Paul,

    Great to see you on the blogs again. I agree that Echolink is cool. It does indeed feel like a real QSO and as you say it is great fun. I am glad you are enjoying it.
    73 Adam

  5. The Ireland conference is listed under Conferences as IRELAND or possibly **IRELAND**. A number of repeaters and nodes all over the UK (and elsewhere) are connected to it.

  6. Hello Adam, maybe we'll have a qso with Echolink someday. Which repeater are you using in Cornwall? 73 Paul

    Hello Julian, I will look for it, thanks. 73 Paul

  7. Hi Paul, I have the same problem you had, cant open those UDP ports, perhaps with the help of this post I can get it working.

    73 and glad your back, Paul.

  8. Hi Paul, you should try. Go to menu > Tools > Set up > tab Proxy > Choose Public Proxy. It did work for me. Good Luck, 73 Paul

  9. Welkom Terug!

    I am not normally on computer on a weekend, but I am having to do some scheduled reboots of a super computer, so while I waited, I saw your posting! WX is hot and sunny here .. shame I am working or I'd be laying radials!

    I am on ECHOLINK as well. I will look out for you Paul (and anyone else. ) I have no working aerials at the moment, so maybe ECHOLINK is my only option?


    André - M∅JEK

  10. Hello André: it is indeed a good option for hams without an antenna. Today I install Echolink on an old laptop, so I can take it with me when I go with holidays. No need for taking a rig with me on vacation. ;-) 73 Paul

  11. Evening Paul,

    GB3NC is the echolink repeater I use in Cornwall. Here in Torbay, Devon the local echolink repeaters are MB7IEX and MB7ITB, both of which are on the Ireland Conference Server. It would be good to speak to you via one of them! Sincerely, welcome back. 73 Adam

  12. Hello Adam,

    OK, thank you, I will keep an eye on it. 73 Paul


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