Wednesday, April 28, 2010

WSPR 2 meter

The sunspot activity is dramatically low since 16 days. We had a promising peak in January /February but now we reach the point of end November last year.

Now conditions are poor on HF I went to 10 meter and 2 meter for WSPR on those two bands. The Sporadic-E season is here. The months May, June and July are the best months for Sporadic-E refection. Yesterday I WSPR-ing on 2 meter but I get two emails that I was using the wrong dial frequency. I was using 144.488 MHz, but this is only the dial frequency in the USA. I change the dial frequency in the WSPR ini file to 144.489 MHz.

I was reported on 2 meter by PE1NWL, distance 65 km. I received the WSPR signal of DL1DBC, distance 218 km. I check daily the Tropospheric Ducting Forecast for Western Europe and for possible conditions.

An overview, summary or tutorial about the basics of Sporadic E or Es radio signal propagation as it is used by radio hams or radio amateurs on the amateur radio bands.

Last night I worked on 30 meter with PSK31 SM3CER Jan from Sundsbruk, Sweden.


  1. Wow, WSPR DX on 2m. That's very interesting!

  2. Hello Julian, I like 2 meter too and hope more people will use WSPR on 2 meter. Just now when the sporadic-e season will start soon. 73 Paul

  3. Tja Paul, hoe kan het toch dat een aantal bloggers precies denken en doen wat ik in gedachten had. Aangezien jij nu ook 6m en 2m in je DXCC lijst hebt staan kan ik niet achterblijven. Wil binnenkort eens kijken of ik nog ergens de X30 kan neerzetten of nog beter ik moet nog ergens een V2000 (6m/2m/70cm) hebben liggen. Misschien dit weekend dat ik wat meer tijd kan besteden aan de hobby. ES WSPRing kan erg interessant zijn. 73, Bas

  4. Hallo Bas, we moeten maar wat meer leven blazen in VHF. Helaas kan ik nu niet uitkomen op 6 meter, dat is dan weer jammer. Maar goed, 10 en 2 meter wel. De V2000 is perfect. 73 Paul

  5. I've noticed the same thing here in the states...a little "down" this week. Heard one nice station from Austria on 20 meters yesterday but that was about it.

    Hope it picks up soon...

  6. Hello John,

    I hope indeed for better conditions soon. I didn't cw fore weeks. 73 Paul

  7. I need the QRG for WSPR - Trials on 70cm Band.
    Markus, DK9MS

  8. Hello Markus, do you know the dial frequency for 70 cm? Sounds very interesting. 73 Paul


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