Sunday, April 4, 2010

Really small

We are just back from a family visit in Noord-Brabant. I saw this tiny QR transmitter on the site of PA2OHH. “This is a real low power transmitter, so do not expect that you can do everything with it but... When conditions are normal, you can easily make many QSO's during one afternoon with stations with distances up to 2000 km with a simple inverted V wire dipole antenna! From Europe, I did even make QSO's across the Ocean!” Read more on the site of PA2OHH >>> Look at the Junker Straight key at the picture. I used to have one in the seventies. A really nice straight key.


  1. Hello Paul. Hope you had a nice stay with the family. There is another one-watt amateur. He is George, GM3OXX who runs a mighty one-watt station with a 139 meter full wave loop on 20 meters cw. Only station who heard me from Vichy with my MP-1 on the first floor balcony!

    Nice fellow and I have his very cute QSL card.


    73 Dick

  2. Hi Dick, we had a nice visit with my parents in law, and the brother of the XYL and his family. Wow, a 139 meter full wave loop... that will do. Indeed, the antenna is the main thing. 73 Paul

  3. Hallo Paul,

    PA2OHH maakt leuke dingen. In de Nieuwsbrief van de BQC staan ze regelmatig beschreven.
    Ik ben vandaag nog met WSPR bezig en heb ook een qso op 40M gemaakt.
    Als ik morgen weer in Tiel publiceer ik wat op mijn Blog.

    73, Tjeerd


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