Monday, April 5, 2010

Quansheng TG-UV

I ordered a Quansheng TG-UV handie for 2 meter and 70 cm. Now the weather is improving and when I go biking or walking I can take my hand held with me. Blow a little more life into 2 meter. Also ideal for holidays, we go to Germany this summer. And when there are no radio amateurs qrv I can listen to the build in FM radio. There is enough choice on the Chinese market to buy those radios. So there is Linton, Max, Puxing, Quansheng, TYT, Weierwei, Wouxun, Feidaxin, JingTong and many more. OK, is doesn't have the quality like Yaesu or Icom, but for the reasonable price it's fun to play with. Today we have friends visiting us. Then we go for biking and walking at the beach. No radio today. Have a nice day!


  1. Hi Paul,

    It's good to get a balance in life, makes you appreciate radio even more.

    Has that a wideband recieve for say broadcast FM or marine bands ?

    73 Paul.

  2. Have a great time Paul. I love radio, but it's important to keep active and physically fit. I like the multiple use parts of the radio. I carry a little Yeasu VR-120 many times when I'm outdoors. Selectivity is horrible but nice to at least hear the basics on Short Wave, marine and local repeaters. I use a different "two meter-440 whip" that greatly improves the receiver.

    John N8ZYA

  3. Hello Paul, yes the Quansheng has a broadcast FM on board. And TX / RX VHF: 136-174MHz / UHF: 400-470MHz. 73 Paul

  4. Hello John, I think I will buy a better antenna for 2 meter. The one that comes with the delivery is not that good. The new one is a little bit longer, but better for good radiation. 73 Paul

  5. Enjoy the Quansheng! Good for you to decide on an antenna from a different supplier. If it's anything like my little Jingtong it will give you hours of pleasure. I found the Nagoya antenna made a big difference and for the £7 price tag was well worth it.
    73 and enjoy the warmer weather, Adam

  6. Hello Adam, today the weather was wonderful. I hope I soon can work from the garden with the hand held. Yes, a 5/8 antenna for 2 meter is better. 73 Paul


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