Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New situation

I removed the Falcon Out 250B from the pole, because neighbors complained about the length, lightning etc. So I put the Diamond X-30 on the pole, my 2 meter and 70 cm antenna for local chats. Today I was playing with my new hand held, the Quansheng TG-UV dual band hand held. I can work indoors all local repeaters in Noord-Holland on 2 meter and I can work a 70 cm repeater in Hoorn, about 24 km distance. I get a good audio report because of a clear audio sound. Not all Chinese hand helds are clear in audio. So I am very satisfied what it does. On HF I worked this afternoon with BPSK31 and 10 watt on 20 meter UT2RI, RW3PU and YO9GSB.


  1. Hi Paul,

    What you could try is putting the antenna up as high as possible, out of view of the neighbours at neck level where most people dont look up.

    My 11/10m 24' is above the roof line, good for DX and good for neighbourly relations, no one even notices it any more as most people cant look past the end of their noses.


  2. That's a great looking shack, Paul. So glad you are pleased with the new handie and that it opens so many repeaters in North Holland. By the way, what poiwer supply do you have there? It looks like a Sharman Multicom........ 73 and great video thank. Bye for now, Adam

  3. Hi Paul, LOL... but I am afraid of heights, so I wont go up on the roof. My dipole does work good. 73 Paul

  4. Hello Adam,
    The power is a MyDel but I see several like these but with another brand. 73 Paul

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  6. Thanks, Paul, for the info. I wonder if you get a spare moment if you could email me a photo of the PSU as I like the look of it very much and would like to try and find it here in the UK.

    BTW I forgot to say how sorry I was that the neighbours complaints meant you had to take down the vertical? What will you do with it - keep it for another possible QTH or sell it? It is a shame - the neighbours here put an ENORMOUS trampoline in their garden and it's ugly as hell. But if I put up an antenna even half the size the whole street would complain. It is a strange thing indeed and makes me very angry.

    73 for now, Adam

  7. Hi Adam:

    "the neighbours here put an ENORMOUS trampoline in their garden and it's ugly as hell. But if I put up an antenna even half the size the whole street would complain."
    This is a typical reaction of the the great unwashed, they do not understand that you have hobbies and interests, anything looking remotely alien or that they don't understand they'll moan about - In a previous qth a neighbour complained that my porcelain antenna insulators reflected the sun through her window whilst watching TV !!!
    Unbelievable... you do have to wonder sometimes ?

    Hi... 73 Peter

  8. Hi Paul:

    Re my last comment - may I apologize as I got the blog mixed up - it was intended as a comment to Adam referring to something he had mentioned about neighbors - :-)
    Glad to see your wspr sigs picked up in VK with 5w - thats excellent - I tried wspr on my FT450 but for some reason cannot get it to key up - needs looking into.

    GL de Peter

  9. Hi Paul,

    Never mind. Despite a major lack of propagations, it's still possible to work VK with 5 watt WSPR. I don't know what you mean with the problem with your FT-450 and WSPR. 73 Paul

  10. Paul
    Using the wspr software (Having trouble - rig will not go into transmit) it's probably oversight on my part, not coorect set-up !

    73 Peter

  11. Hello Paul,
    here is CT1DRB, David Quental near Lisbon. Time to time I read your blog and it seems that also you have neighbors problems, like myself too.
    At my building I am forbiden to install antennas on, however in Terceira Island, inside a militar compound, and in Afghanistan, again inside a militar compound, I was allowed to install antennas on, quite amazing isn't it ??? !!!
    I do not know exactly what are they doing inside my building, for sure very cientific experiments, again for sure they have fear of worst people than Talibans from Afghanistan, probably me.

    However, I have installed a VHF/UHF/1200Mhz vertical antenna in my balcony and for HF I have a Spiderbeam pole, through my windows, to help me with wire antennas, it is not I wanted but for sure, according to stupidity of my neighbors, I will not be able to install antennas on my building, it is the cost to have very cientific neighbors.

    Best regards and good DX.

    David Quental

  12. Hello David, thanks for your reply. There is always an antenna solution. Maybe we can use indoor antennas e.g. in the attic for instance. or a magnetic loop for 20 m and up inside the house or balcony. Good luck! 73 Paul

  13. CT1DRB - David Quental4/29/2010

    Hello Paul,

    tks for your answser and welcome.
    Inside attic it is not possible to use an antenna due cymment bars, however I could remove temporarily 2 or tiles, during dry weather, and erect my Spiderbeam pole to hang a dipole or another wire antenna. In fact I had idea to install a rope in my balcony to be part of a slooper with help of pole.
    In fact I am thinking to move my shack to attic to gain free space at home.

    Best 73 and till next email/answer.

    David Quental

  14. Hello David,
    Well, you can place a balcony antenna. follow the link:
    It could be a solution for restricted areas.
    Have a nice weekend, 73 Paul


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